Rang De Basanti: A Salute to our Heroes

A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

With the same thought and the high spirit of patriotism, our little ones aimed to highlight the bravery of the Indian Armed Forces on 16th March 2019 through their Annual Function which was aptly named as ‘Rang de Basanti- A Salute to our Heroes’.

The event was graced by our Honourable Chairman, Mr. G.S.Matharoo, the torch bearer of Prudence Schools, who showered his blessings on the students and inspired them with his words of wisdom. He congratulated the teachers for their hard work and extended his gratitude towards the parents for having great trust towards the organisation.

The programme commenced with the Lamp Lighting Ceremony by our honourable dignitaries which was followed by the Invocation Ceremony where prayers were offered to Lord Ganesha through a beautiful dance performance. Subsequently, our heroes of Prudence Junior & Prudence Kindergarten gathered together to salute the brave souls and thank them for safeguarding us and our country India through their Musical-Theatre Presentation.

Their sensitivity towards the nation and the feeling of never dying patriotism at such a tender age left everyone awe-stuck and forced to think on every small role each individual has played in order to bring forth a feeling of Honesty, Selflessness and Integrity. The flawless performance of the little ones touched and mesmerised the audience.

The event culminated with the Felicitation Ceremony of Miss and Master Prudence Kindergarten, Fashion Show winners and Outstanding Students of the year.