Gandhi Jayanti Assembly (G1 - 3)

‘Where there is love there is life. Spread happiness and love everywhere.’

Gandhi Jayanti  is one of the important National festival of India celebrated on 2nd October every year with immense ardor and bliss as the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, an epitome of love and peace fondly known as the 'Father of the Nation'.

To celebrate the 150th Year of Gandhiji’s birth anniversary, a special assembly was conducted by the students of Grade I to III at Prudence School Dwarka 22. Students marked an amiable beginning of the assembly with divine blessings of God  followed by an informative student-teacher interaction paying tribute to Gandhiji as a
eminent leader.

Students  highlighted the contributions of Gandhiji’s noble work in attaining freedom for the country through a theatrical skit performance by enacting various roles that depicted UNITY IN DIVERSITY. By celebrating the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi, students pledged to adopt the principles of
honesty, humbleness, truth and non-violence
that awakened a feeling of pride in others. Students solemnly put
their hands over their hearts and promised themselves that they
would respect self and others, communicate better, listen, forgive, respect nature, play creatively and be courageous. Henceforth, the audience was captivated by an exquisite song and dance performance conferred by the  students. Staff was gracefully dressed in khadi attire signifying and  encouraging Gandhiji’s vision of awakening India. The assembly aimed at showcasing Mahatma Gandhi’s principles that guided his life and illustrious mantra- “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”.

Jai Hind.