Friendship Day Assembly (Grade 1 - 3)

‘Friends make you laugh little louder, smile a little brighter and live better than before. Friends are the family we choose for ourself’.

On this beckoning note and in tune with the spirit of the occasion, the assembly on Friendship day was conducted by the students of Grade I, II, III at Prudence school Dwarka 22.

Friendship day is a significant day dedicated to the noble idea to honor friends and their friendship.

To feel the essence and worth of true friendship; students initiated the assembly with divine blessings of God and sharing noticeable thought of the day. The momentousness of assembly was highlighted by presenting a mellifluous melody around the theme that left the audiences mesmerized. Praiseworthy performances of students through a theatrical skit ‘Friends are quiet angels’ sensitizing students to share and care that gave a positive message to value friendship as a golden thread that builds healthy bond and ties hearts affectionately. Students raised the slogans by expressing trust, share, and care amongst peers coming straight from the heart with soft and sentimental lines on friends and friendship that made everyone think more fondly about friends. They were overwhelmed by performing a dance parody on foot-tapping songs which touched the emotional edge by thanking parents and teachers for being their best friends. Students manifested their adulation by presenting a small token of love to Reverent Vice Principal Ma’am and Incharges.

The assembly came to closure efficaciously and the honorable Vice-Principal addressed the students with words of wisdom that had an enduring impact on students.