Prudence 1 Day MUN 2019 (Internal)

"The United Nations is our one great hope for a peaceful and free world" Ralph Bunche.

We at Prudence have recognized the importance of MUN and our endeavor has been to help the student fraternity to believe that all human beings are born free & equal in dignity and rights. Special thanks to our Chairman Mr. G S Matharoo Sir for his vision he has for the students and their well being. His unmatched stature as an academician has broadened the horizons and has given new heights to the learning of our students.    

The First edition of Prudence MUN(INTERNAL) 2019  was conducted on 10th August 2019   in Prudence,  Dwarka 22.  The theme for this year was 'Prudence MUN for Posterity'. Students from Dwarka 22 and Dwarka 16B came together to discuss the theme. As we believe that the future generation needs to be nurtured in the right direction and it is through MUN  that we can teach them how to tackle critical issues globally, thus selected this theme to embark upon a large portion of potential problems that can only be regarded as risks for now. The event started with the lamp lightening ceremony and was declared open, followed by the constructive motivation by EB's.
It was a proud moment to see students following the proceedings and handling the situations. There were a lot of serious discussions and debates happening on the topics to resolve the problems.

The day ended with a formal closing ceremony with the felicitation of students.