Teacher's Day Celebration

‘Teachers determination and sincerity shapes the destiny of the nation as they lay the foundation and are the building blocks of the society.’
Teacher’s Day is a prominent occasion for reveling and adoring the relationship between teachers and students. To pay veneration to teachers and acknowledge their contribution in shaping one’s life, an assembly on Teacher’s Day was conducted by the students at Prudence School Dwarka 22. It is a day that recalls the birth anniversary of Dr S. Radhakrishnan, scholar, Bharat Ratna recipient and the First Vice President and second President of independent India, who was born on September 5, for whom we have high regard. Various programmes were planned for teachers that reminded the crucial role which teachers play in moulding students’ lives and careers. The celebration embarked with a dazzling dance performance. There were a melodious group song and instrumental performance which was a visual treat to the teachers. Students had poured their hearts to write a few lines of appreciation for teachers and presented cards as a token of love and affection. They expressed gratitude to all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work. Teachers were indulged in fun filled activities that marked the celebration. They sang and swayed on foot tapping music creating memories to cherish. The celebration concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony and a message by our honorable Principal Dr Shreesh Bhardwaj, who illuminated us with his visionary thoughts on this very special occasion.