Special Assembly on International Literacy Day And Visit to Anganwadi

"Literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman, and child can realize his or her full potential. It can raise the status of family and country”. 

With the spurge in modernization, literacy has emerged as a pivotal factor for survival. It is multifariously intertwined with human lives and governs the routine of the masses.

To establish the significance of literacy, an assembly on International Literacy Day was conducted by the students of Grade Nursery to 3 at Prudence Dwarka 22. Holding informative hoardings in their hands, voicing voluble slogans, the aspiring students raised their voice to create awareness about the significance of literacy.

 The ingenious students stepped forward to scaffold the learning of the helper staff. The maids, drivers, and guards were steered by the young scholars who inculcated a wide array of advantageous phrases in the communication of the helper staff in their daily routine at work that were easily comprehended by them. The idea of the assembly was conceived to believe in making our helper staff understand the importance of getting continuous education to fulfill their responsibilities for the family and society.

Students’ participation with full zeal inspired the helper staff and marked yet another remarkable learning to assure the promotion of human attention towards literacy for social development. Energetic and enthused students tried to cultivate and awaken awareness by speaking magnificently infusing a feeling of conscientiousness amongst the present generation. They supported the staff to display placards that instilled a sense of belongingness among them. They took teaching reigns in their hands effortlessly conversing with one and all present. 

Taking the world a step ahead towards progress, senior students of Prudence School Dwarka Sector 22 visited an Anganwadi center intending to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities, and societies. 

The zestful prefects of Community welfare and Class Representatives accompanied the Incharges on duty for the noble cause. It was a moment of pride and jubilation when the students addressed the workers and children at the center on various topics, for example, Health and Hygiene, Cleanliness, Water preservation, Road Safety, etc. thereby sensitizing and mobilizing public opinion on the issue of illiteracy being the root cause of poverty and being detrimental to the development of the nation.

The office-bearers of the different Houses in the school appealed to the individuals to demonstrate their support and promote solidarity for literacy.

The treat to the eyes was the ardent endeavor taken by the committed scholars of the reputed organization to strike dialogues about the past, present, and future so that the coming generations receive the accumulated lessons of the heritage and carry it forward. Undoubtedly, the initiative taken would create ripples of consciousness among people that literacy is meant for all; It is a voice and learning for all.

We at Prudence Dwarka-22 took a pledge to be a ray of hope in the ever-increasing manifold of digitization and globalization to extend helping hands for those who are yet to be enlightened towards the path of literacy.