Assembly on Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign 2019

‘Let us turn over a new leaf, 
let us not make India stink and reek
Let us make it heaven it used to be’

Only a lit candle can light other unlit candles. Self-aware people can create awareness. On this illuminating note, the students of Prudence School Dwarka 22 participated in a stimulating drill that enticed everyone spreading the message of ‘Swacchata Hi Seva’. This drill was inspired by a National Level Campaign initiated by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, which realizes this laudable vision to make India clean aiming to clean up the streets, natural resources, promoting sanitation programs and changing the infrastructure of the country to lead the country ahead. The Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign 2019 theme is ‘Plastic waste awareness and management’ that has and will witness mass awareness activities on plastic waste management between 11th September and 1st October’19. The campaign will also involve a nationwide Shramdaan for plastic waste collection and segregation on October 2. The collected plastic waste will then be recycled and effectively disposed of.

 The idea of the drill was conceived to believe in making our students as responsible citizens of India by involving them in activities to rid their house and workspaces from single-use plastic. Students’ attention was also drawn to the hazardous effects of single-use plastic on the environment and the health of animals and aquatic life related to social causes. Students were appealed to use cloth or jute bags while going out for shopping and use metal or earthen glasses for serving water. Collecting wrappers and plastics from the ground, raising slogans by spreading awareness to limit the use of ‘SINGLE-USE PLASTIC’, reinforce ‘SANITATION AS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS’ was the prime objective of the campaign. They proceeded towards the school ground and adjacent areas to collect all plastic waste from the surroundings ensuring its proper disposal fortifying cleanliness all around. An informative powerpoint presentation was shown to the students reinforcing the awareness towards the campaign. Students’ participation with full zeal inspired others and marked yet another remarkable learning to assure cleanliness for a better and healthier life.