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Special Assembly on Mother's Day

"Motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, t...

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Intra Class Recitation Competition (Nur -...

'Poetry is an alluring, inspiring and extensive mode of expressing things that upraises language by ...

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PBL Activity : Rattle Making (Prep)

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language”Toys are important to a child’s develo...

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Itihaas Walk to Qutub Complex (G7)

The school organized a visit to Qutub complex on 6th May 2018 as part of ITIHAAS curriculum.The stud...

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भेलपूरी गतिविधि

 ‘‘ स्वीकृत आमंत्रण किया ,रखा हमारा म...

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A very good school with great teachers. Best place to study where it is beived that education is not only in books but also in various activities


Experiential learning, dedicated staff, beautiful infrastructure and friendly atmosphere

Rakhi Dahiya

One of the few schools that provides quality education along with a strong focus on extra curricular activities. Highly recommended!

Sudarshan Maru